will magic snowman, excerpt, snow, jacket, mr snowman, arms, sticks, snowy, cold

Smiling and holding his coat was a snowman.
And this was where William's adventure began.
A little black nose, a hat on his head,
Arms that were sticks, and eyes that were red.
William walked over, looked up, and said, "Please,
Mr. Snowman. I must have my coat, or I'll freeze."
"My name is Anders", he said as he grinned.
"Here is your jacket, my cold little friend."

Will took his jacket and put it on fast.
His cold little arms would be warmer at last.
It was snowy and cold, and the sun was so bright.
The steam on the air was fluffy and white.
He took Ander's Hand and away they did go.
They flew towards the tall buildings covered in snow.

will magic snowman, childrens book, happy ending, sp paul winter carnival, ice sculptures, snow sculptures

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